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About Drag Racing games

Satisfy your thirst for adrenaline and your need for breathtaking speed organizing and participate to drag racing games directly from home. Not to worry if you don’t own a speedy supercar or if, who knows, you don’t have a driver’s license yet. When you play drag racing games over your computer some great reaction times plus seizing the right moment for timing up shifts are the only great two main eliminatory conditions required. I have to “warn” you though, online drag racing games can get quite addictive, as soon as you get to master the right commands you need to give to your keyboard/computer mouse and you speed down like crazy down those online tracks for a few times. One, two racings are enough to get you “stuck” to your desk chair for hours.

Why do we love car racing games after all? Well, first of all, even if you’re not really one of the best drivers in real life, even if you have never driven a sports car before, you get to experience the same adrenaline rising sensations as a real drag cars racer with absolutely no risk implied. There’s a key that allows you to fill in your super car with gas, another combination of keys which allows you to gear your drag car up and down, another one for acceleration and for activating nitro. Of course, these are just the main commands you get to can use when you’re playing online drag racing games. Depending on the games’ complexity, you may get to use the brakes or even open up a parachute at due time and slow down your drag car when needed and the list can go on.

When it comes to drag racing games’ level of complexity, customizing your racing car sure is one of the main strong points that sets the difference between simple online drag racing games and more complex car racing games. It’s such a great chance for you to bring your jaw dropping, amazing super car from your fantasy and into the online world and, of course, a great advantage you’re given to bring all the right upgrades to your drag car and increase your chance to cross over the finish line before you run out of time, with no damages brought to your car, if possible.

If you’re a real online sports games fan, you have a guilty weakness for speed and high performance, super fast drag cars, then drag racing games which you can play directly in your internet browser will soon become your favorite pastime. Participate to totally legal car racings, lead your sports car to victory and put your driving skills to a major test.