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About Dodgeball games

For all those dodgeball fans or just for those who’d like to get the most out of their free time spent on the internet, dodgeball games are the type of online entertainment to look for. They’re safe, they’re easy to play once you learn the right commands and the right combination of keys to press on your keyboard, so boredom is out of the question. Where do you add that online dodgeball games come in so many forms so that the fun is more than guaranteed?

Is teamwork one of your main qualities or not quite? Luckily, you get to choose between two many types of online dodgeball games: the ones in which you’re leading your team to victory and the ones if which you’re pretty much on your own, measuring your dodging skills against an opponent of the computer itself. Two main skills are mandatory if you want to dodge like a professional: eye hand coordination reflex and balance. Use your mouse to aim your opponent, hold it down till the power meter is fully filled, then release it, releasing the ball, too, at the same time, and you’re adversary cannot stand a chance of keeping his balance after such a ball hit. Mind you, too, don’t get hit, for as real life dodggebal games, the ones that you can play over your computer are all about offence and defense.

Since a little bit of variety hasn’t hurt anyone and the fun factor is the key element to all the great online sports games, don’t be too surprised to discover, when playing online dodgeball games, that your dodge ball has been replaced with another type of object or that you’re playing against a team of aliens. You surely don’t see that in real life, this is the one of the great aspects of the dodgeball games available on the internet, besides that of absolute comfort. Oh, and yes, how could we forget about the great advantage you’re being given to pick your player and the opponent player or team. From the start you’re increasing or, who knows, you’re reducing your chance to dodge and catch that ball like a professional player.

Don’t let the weather outside let you down and ruin your plan for a fun dodgeball session with your friends on the play field and don’t feel bad if you’re not in the mood for leaving the comfort of your house for a dogdeball game in the open air. Just turn on your computer, go online and enjoy the dodgeball games available there. They risk of getting yourself hurt is reduced to zero, while the “risk” of having a really god time on the internet and of sharpening your dodge playing skills are maximum. Test some of the online dodgbeball games selected by our team and uploaded on our site and you’ll totally see what I mean. Enjoy!