Zoorly Sport Games Arena

War Games


The part 1 of the game is a training mission, but even though it seems to be a real fight, you have to shoot your enemies and be very attentive at their shots against you. Just like you are used to, you must play paintball games with your keyboard and your mouse. As controls you must use the up, down, left and right arrow keys; with the mouse you can rotate to the direction that you want to and by pressing the left button of your mouse you shoot. It’s better for you to be as close of your enemy as possible, so that you can annihilate him easier and faster.

If you play paintball games regularly, this game shouldn’t be difficult for you. You only have to distribute your attention to your enemies, which are 3 against you, because if you concentrate on annihilating one of them, the other two will kill you faster than you have thought. You have to shoot them all, simultaneously, if we can say so. You can’t kill them one by one, because if you move your attention on one of them, the other two will be there to save him and kill you. You can hide behind the tires or boxes that you can find on the battlefield.

If you get a good score at War Games, don’t forget to subscribe your score on the top scores list. This way you can see if you are better than the others who play paintball games. It can become more challenging for you if you start trying to beat the other scores. This way you can consider that you have some opponents and you will play against your enemies in the game itself and against your opponents, through your score. You must try to get a better score each time you play and this way you can get on the top of the list and consider yourself one of the best paintball games players. If this game doesn’t fully fullfil your battle desire, you can try the Park Master game.