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Urban Sniper


Are you a fan of action movies? If you would like to download shooting games that will bring to you some small part of the action being a professional sniper in a big city implies I believe that you have to try Urban Sniper. This game is very interesting because it imitates real life. Everything that you will have to do while playing will make you enter the skin of the character for real!

If you decided to download shooting games, Urban Sniper is an interactive game where you will receive missions which you will have to complete in order to become a well known sniper. If you cannot finish the jobs right you will not longer have offers and the mafia will want you out of town as soon as possible. So, you can say that the aim of Urban Sniper is to finish the accepted missions as well, quickly and quiet as you possibly can. 

The game goes like this: you are new in town - a sniper who want to make a name. You will receive e-mails with certain missions which you can accept or refuse. They will give you specific instructions about how and where you can recognize the targets. You have to be very careful at these details as not to kill innocent people. 

Be careful, parents, because this is not a suitable game for the little ones… but if you would like to download shooting games this is a quite a nice game which you can play for fun and also to develop your attention at details. 

Urban Sniper is quite easy when it comes to the control used while playing, you will have to use only the mouse to aim and shoot and the space bar to switch the view from panoramic to the telescope in order to have a better sight of the targets.

What do you say? Isn’t Urban Sniper just perfect if you are looking to download shooting games? You will have it on your computer and you could play it whenever you feel like it! Soon you will discover that you are quite a good sniper and you will start receiving more and more offers – you will then be famous!