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Twelve Towers


Are you ready for another online archery game? Are you ready for another adventure? Another trip into a world of mystery and mystical… you will once again have the opportunity to encounter strange creatures that are looking to conquer your home. From the many online archery games you found Twelve Towers – a strategy game that you will enjoy, mostly if you are a fan of games where you help the good ones defend themselves and fight against evil. You will surely fall in love with Twelve Towers in the few seconds after starting the game! You made a very good choice by choosing Twelve Towers from all online archery games.

Twelve Towers is a very complex online archery game when it comes to the manner of playing. You have to be very careful because you have to use a little bit more keys to control the character. This thing also makes you more efficient when you play but also it can slow you down. You need to have a very good coordination so, it is recommended to practice a little bit before starting just to accommodate yourself with the controls.

Twelve Towers is one of the few online archery games that allows you to move the screen left or right to see in time the invaders. You can do this by pressing the right / left arrows from the keyboard. If you usually play archery games you are used to playing using the mouse more, but Twelve Towers is a game that requires only the use of the keyboard. In order to move the aim of your arrow you have to use the up / down keys and space bar to fire!

Before starting to play this online archery game you need to choose a level of difficulty within a range of easy to impossible! So this Twelve Towers is considered to be a game suitable for everybody… As every online archery game the aim of Twelve Towers is to pass the levels in order to win by killing the enemies that you see coming towards your tower. You have to defend every one of the twelve towers one by one until you are safe. Casting spells also helps you in the process of defeating your property! Isn’t this the most complex from all online archery games that you have ever tried? Don’t you wait and start the adventure!