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Thing Thing 1


What do you say if I told you that you could combine the traits of a fighting game with the ones of a logical game?! Well… how is that possible? Simple! I have here the solid proof! Thing Thing 1 is an interesting game that puts accent on you thinking and fighting your way out. These monster fighting games will challenge you to find your way out of the ‘’maze’’ your character is placed.

At the beginning you will find yourself in a jail cell from which you have to escape. Fight your way out using ‘’W’’ to jump and ‘’A’’ and ‘’D’’ keys to move. When you want to change the weapon you are using when playing these space fighting games just hit the ‘’F’’ button and you’ll be ready for a new round of fighting!

When you are in the position of fighting you can just click with the mouse on your opponent and this way you will defeat it in seconds! Also, in escaping from these monster fighting games you will encounter lots of doors that need to be opened; press the space bar each time you need to open the door and you’ll be out in the shortest possible time.