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Thin Ice


If you are looking for some skating games that will boost you energy and self esteem that means this is your lucks day! We have for you the ultimate ice skating games that you can find on the entire internet. Today’s game is called Thin Ice and it depicts the adventures of a hero that has special powers. You will help him fight crime and make the world a better place.

If you want a taste of the life of a super hero than you definitely need to play this game. It will make you feel so good and you will enjoy the rush of adrenalin that you will feel invading your veins soon after you started playing Thin Ice. But if you are looking for a muck realistic game you can try anytime one of our skating games for girls.

As I said, you will help a superhero make his thing… and as all superheroes this one also has a superpower… it has the possibility to produce ice, so, you will have the opportunity to take a journey over the rooftops of a city fast sliding on a patch of ice. But be careful because to produce ice he has to have a solid surface beneath… so, when there is no ground you will have to jump over.

These skating games will bring you some fun and excitement! By playing Thin Ice you need to jump, duck the obstacles and gather the snow flakes for points and extra icing power! In order to control the superhero and avoid the obstacles just use the arrow keys and when you need to jump press the space bar.

It will be extremely fun to experience the adventures from the life of a superhero… and as in real life there are no superheroes with this kind of superpowers this is the only opportunity for you to be in the skin of one!

Now you will have the opportunity to play one of the speediest skating games ever… you will almost feel the wind through your hair while you slide and jump aver the rooftops.