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The Return


This is a game for climbers who are not afraid to take up new and dangerous challenges. Choose a play mode and click on the start button to save yourself from the flood waters of a canyon. Now get in the shoes of an alien from Planet Borgular Primus Maximus. The routine mission to kidnap humans from Earth turned into a great adventure when his spaceship encountered some problems and crashed at the bottom of a canyon. The only hope to get him saved by his alien friends is to help him climb to the top of the canyon. You will have to be very smart and fast at the same time in order not to get drowned in the flood waters that will soon fill the canyon. I hope this is challenging enough for you to climb as fast as you can.

You can very easily move left and right sides of the wall by a simple mouse point and click.

These sport games online have been specially designed for you to get bonus points for successful consecutive upwards move with your grappling hooks. This is because your main objective in this game is to climb up to the top of the canyon as fast as you can.

Use the tools that you already have as wisely as you can in order to reunite with your alien fellows.

These rock climbing games online will offer you the best opportunity to exercise your climber skills and strategies . Don’t be afraid to take up extreme and dangerous leaps on the wall using your hooks because there is no danger to get injured by playing these rock climbing games online.

Go climb against the clock in order to get saved from the dangerous flood waters that threatens you at all times and get on the top of the canyon where your friends are waiting for you.

Good luck in your expedition!