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The Bow


If you like to play games that make you feel like you stepped into another world… a world of mystery and magic… a world where there are no guns, only honor and the only weapon you have access to is the forgotten bow and arrow you need to try these free online archery games. When you play every each of these archery games for free you will enter another world where for at least some quick-shotle of hours you forget about the world we live in today. The Bow is exactly that kind of free online archery game! The Bow will make you feel like a real medievale archer.

The Bow is a very easy game to play. You just need to hit all the targets before they get to you. The more you destroy the more points you receive. When starting the game you need to position the bow in the right side of the screen to be able to shoot the arrows! If you do not do this you won’t be able to use the bow and you will automatically loose the level. When playing The Bow the only thing you have to know about shooting is that you only have to use the left mouse button to fire arrows. Just click once to release! Remember each time you pass a level hit the space bar in order to return to the campaign and enter the next level!

The aim of this free online archery game is to unlock all the levels of a campaign. Just be careful because levels will became more and more difficult to pass so practice before for some minutes just to be sure you are in the perfect shape! The Bow is the perfect game to improve your hand-eye coordination. You just need to be quick in order to pass the campaign. The Bow is one of the few free online archery games that require you a predefined skill – agility and speed.