Zoorly Sport Games Arena

The Beetles


In this type of racing games for kinds you will have to be the fastest pilot in every races to win them all. In every race you will drive a blue beetle along with your opponent. Like in every racing games for kids you will control your car with your keyboard, more specific with your arrow keys.

In this kind of racing games for kids your first level will have 4 laps. Try to drive exactly on the road and overcome your opponent by getting first at the finish line. Win all those 4 laps to go to the next level. While playing you will see by time to time a yellow thunder on the road. Try to pick that yellow thunder for an overdose of speed, and try to keep your car on the road. If you are a pro driver at these racing games for kids, on the second level you will face The Yellow Stinger. This beetle is the latest outsider in the Beetle Racing League. Win this race and you’ll be among the best too. In this secondary level you will have to face your opponent in 5 laps. If you win this level, you will face The White Fury that counts among the best beetle racers. It’s fast, but if you have the skills you think you got, you can do it. For this level you have to beat the white furry in 7 laps in a raw to win it. If you already done that your next opponent will be much faster than the last one. The green Horn is your next opponent. He will do whatever it takes to win the game and to get to the top of the pyramid no matter the cost. Beware. If the green horn manages to beat you don’t worry. You can retry to win this level by pressing the reset button.

This kind of racing games for kids will train you to be a real driver. The Beetle is one of this type of racing games. Enjoy!