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The Arrow Of Time


If you are looking to play some awesome online archery games this is the place to do that! Are you ready to string the bow once again? Are you ready for another adventure that will make you wish you were a real life archer and keep you stranded in you seat until the end? If the answers of all these questions is ‘’yes’’ The Arrow of Time is the most suitable game of all online archery games for you to play! So, let us start the new adventures of this wonderful new game! You will have so much fun playing online archery games, and especially The Arrow of Time!

Be very careful, time started to run out! The clock is ticking! Start now playing free online archery games! Are you ready to protect The Arrow of Time? In order to do that you need to play the role of Peep, the main character of the story that is behind this online archery game. He is a young prince, the last of his generation and he has the very important job to protect The Arrow of Time: their most powerful weapon. It is up to you to help him fulfill his destiny!

You will also be the protector of the Sky Fortress – the place where The Arrow of Time is being hidden from the enemies. But if the fortress is being destroyed you will forever loose The Arrow of Time. In order to protect this very valuable weapon you need to know how to fight back the enemies. You have to click the bow and then drag to string. Release the button to fire the arrows and you will be fine!

The aim of The Arrow of Time is to destroy all the enemies which come flying around you to move to the next level. Each time you win you will be able to purchase new and better types of arrows that will later on help you be more efficient in the fight against the enemies. When you play this type of online archery games you will be impressed by the nice story that every one of it has behind the action. You will have the opportunity to help and impersonate these mystical characters from another world. You will enjoy playing this interactive online archery game at the maximum!