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Swords And Sandals 4


You will be very surprised when you start playing this game because it is like no other fighting game you have ever played. From all fighting games that you can find on the internet this one is the most complex. It is quite like a video game! It has a great graphic, a good soundtrack and special visual and sound effects to die for! 

When you play Swords And Sandals 4 you can fight, create and read spells and also find out more about the world around you! You can be a magician, a gladiator or a fighter with supernatural powers! Am I right that these multiplayer fighting games are the most entertaining from all fighting games? 

Actually this is a quest of discovery where you need, from time to time, to fight your way towards the end. All fighting games are challenging, but this one also has a very good, complex and interesting background story! Use your mouse to create the player as you want and then by following the icons that appear on the screen you can continue the game and finish the quest!