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Super Robot Monkey


Are you ready for some very interactive and interesting robots fighting games? I believe that once you searched for free fighting games on the internet that means you like a lot these kind of games and you are in the perfect mood for playing such a game. And as a prize for those who like to play online games we have a very complex and fun game! It is called Super Robot Monkey and you will find it quite interesting because it is much more that a simple fighting game.

Super Robot Monkey is a game that will put to try all of your skills… you will have to fight, you will have to defend yourself, you will have to use your ammo wisely and most important, and what makes this game very different from all robots fighting games is the fact that you have to discover all by yourself some things.

When you start playing you will find yourself driving a robot car-tank and you will start your journey from the mother base. You will have to look for some engine parts and when you find them bring them back to the base one by one. When you thing more about this game you can say that it can be considered a war game more than a fighting game.

Super Robot Monkey is quite a complex game but one that you can play very easy. You just need to use the arrow keys to move around and when you encounter an opponent tank use the space bar to shoot at them. You can also throw missals by hitting the ‘’CTRL’’ key. But be careful because you only have a limited amount of them, so use them wisely!

You will find that all robots fighting games have at the end the same object… here you have to gather all the engine parts and bring them to the base is one piece. You have to be careful and defend yourself because if you are destroyed you have to start all over again!

So, what are you still waiting for? Start playing these robots fighting games right now and you will see that you will have the best time of your life especially when playing Super Robot Monkey.