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Stick Rpg


I have for you the latest in famous fighting games… this time you won’t play using famous characters but you will play a game that will become famous in time. Everyone will know about Stick Rpg in a quick-shotle of months. This game is a very complex one even if it is only a simple online flash game. It looks like a simple game but once you start playing you will see how many things you can do while playing. 

First I have to highlight that you will use the keyboard to get around – meaning the arrow keys and when you want to perform certain actions you have to click on the appropriate icon from the game window. These famous fighting games give you the chance to explore the territory – you can walk around and enter shops from which you can buy stuff! 

What do you say? Are these fighting games for pc what you have expected? You will surely enjoy walking around with that blue character through the town taking advantage of every opportunity. These famous fighting games will surely end up becoming your favorite spend of time!