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Stabika 1


Who doesn’t like to play fighting games for free on the internet?! If you have the opportunity to play some cool games without paying I say that you should take advantage of it and play as many adventure fighting games as you can! If you are looking for a nice game to play when you are feeling bored we just found the perfect one for you! It is called Stabika 1 and it is a very interesting game with a very nice background story.

I really like to play fighting games for free that have as a base some good stories that make it much more interesting because when you play it you will automatically feel the atmosphere and take part in the action – you will be part of the story and not only… you will be the hero!

This game is quite different from what you got used to while you play fighting games for free because it is not only concentrated on your fighting techniques but also on your power and determination to get out of some difficult situations. Stabika 1, from the beginning starts with your character running, escaping from the ones that have incarcerated him and you will need to help him find his way and in the end get revenge for what they have done.

In order to fulfill the desires of your character you will have to run, hide and fight when necessary. You will also need to be very careful and very quick because everything is happening while moving. The computer will give you hints about how you have to play, about the keys you need to press in order to win. 

So, to be prepared, keep your fingers on the ‘’A’’, ‘’S’’, ‘’D’’ keys and ‘’up’’ arrow and when you see the key you need to press on the top of the screen, press the right one and the character will do the right thing. 

Stabika 1 will bring you lots of moments when you will stay breathless, eager to see what happens next… it is very nice when you play this kind of games to feel the action and be part of the story. This is exactly what you will experience when you play fighting games for free.