Zoorly Sport Games Arena



The rules for these squash games are the same as the rules for the tennis. First you will select a player to practice these squash games and then you will start the game. Usually these games are played with the keyboard but there are some exceptions where you will need to use the mouse to play squash games.

Hit the ball by pressing and releasing the left mouse button. Holding the button increases the power of the shot. The winner of the game is the first player who reaches 11 points with a 2 points advantage. The serve must strike the front wall above the service line and below the outline at the top of the front wall.

Play squash games, and after the serve the players takes turns to strike the ball at the front wall, each shot must strike above the tin (lowest red line) and below the outline for the top of the front wall. The ball may strike the side or the back wall at any time if provided below the outline. The ball must not strike the floor before hitting the front wall and after it hits the front wall it may only bounce once before being struck by the returning player.

You can choose to play squash games even in the multiplayer mode against your friends. In this way the game will become more interesting and more interactive. Train yourself at these games and you will definitely become a pro player at these squash games. Timing and aiming are the winning keys for these games. As a hint pay attention where the ball hits the wall to be able to catch the ball when it comes back from the wall. In this way you will definitely hit the ball in time and you will put your opponent in a difficult position.

Play squash games by choosing Squash, the easiest type for these types of tennis games. Practice some rounds to be able to make the best high score and submit it to our worldwide list to see where you stand at these amazing games.