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Sonic Rpg Eps 2


It is time you start another adventure with Sonic – the cartoons hero that I am sure that everybody knows! You have to be prepared for these playstation fighting games because they are games where the story is very important! You will have to read all of story before starting to play. You have to understand perfectly what is happening as to be able to do your best at playing. 

I am telling you that it is worth the wait because the story is very good and sets you perfectly in the atmosphere! These fighting games for pc are very relaxing and non-violent and they manage to relax you even though they are supposed to keep you on edge. Because of the story that is so well combined with the action and the fact that you have to use your mouse to defeat the enemy make this game even more pleasant.

In order to play these playstation fighting games you only have to choose the manner of attacking and wait for the character to take action. Everyone will have the chance to attack, so, don’t you hurry up in winning as this game has its own rhythm.