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Are you ready for a very original archery game online? It’s high time that the women took the power in their own hands and fight! The story of this archery game online tells of a princess that was betrayed and is now incarcerated in a big fortress. She prepared herself for a very long time for this moment! The moment when she will escape! Now it is your turn to help her fulfill her goal! If you are looking to play both interesting and complex archery games online, this is the perfect game for you!

The first thing that you will see when you will start playing Sleepless for the first time is the very good graphic that makes you feel the actual atmosphere of the story. As every good archery game online, Sleepless has as a background a story that you will enjoy. It tells of the injustices that were done towards a princess, and the way she decided to make those who betrayed hey pay the price they deserve.

Sleepless is a very interactive game to play. It is not boring at all. You can fully control the character; you can move, fight and even jump! By using the arrows from the keyboard to move and the mouse to shoot the arrows. All these in order to make you more efficient in the process of helping her escape. It is up to you to decide her upcoming fate. So, are you prepared to everything you can in order to help her make her own justice? Are you sure that you can help her? I say ‘’Lets’ try!’’, you have nothing to loose by doing this.

You made a very good choice by choosing Sleepless from all the online archery games! You will not be sorry! And if you like it, which I am sure of it, you will find more archery games online that are similar to this one on this site. You don’t have look any further. Bookmark it and let the adventures begin!