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Slam Squash


Squash is a rather new sport when it comes to online gaming. To explain you how it is about I have to tell you that it is relayed to tennis only you will play against a wall. You will be with your opponent in the same court and you will bounce a ball on a wall in turns. The point of these Squash games 2012 is to make your opponent miss hitting the ball.

The rules of these online squash games are simple when you play it in the virtual world, but you don’t have to stop competing… So, take that palette in your hand and let’s start! Slam Squash is a very stylistic game where you will play using a blade instead of a palette. And by pressing the ‘’left’’ and ‘’right’’ arrow keys you can move it to synchronize it with the landing of the ball.

The point is to hit each ball and send it back as to reach your opponent very tricky as to miss it. That means a point for you! It you play like this you will win no matter what! These Squash games 2012 are made for winners and you are definitely one of them!