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Shoot 5


Play 3d shooting games and you will definitely improve your skills for these amazing games. Use your mouse and your keyboard to control your player. The timing and the exercise are everything when you play 3d shooting games. Only by practicing you will be able to play this game and to finish it at your first attempt. Submit your high score when the game is over to our worldwide list of shooting games.

Control your player by using the following keys: w, a, s, d. By pressing the w key you will jump with your player, by pressing the a key you will move your player to the left, by pressing the d key you will move your player to the right and by pressing the s key you will duck with your player. After you move your player with these keys, use your mouse to aim you targets and press the left mouse button key to shoot with your gun. Also don’t forget to press the space bar key to throw a bomb into your rivals.

On the bottom of the screen your bomb meter will be displayed. Every time you throw a bomb you can see a meter that is charging, and after that meter bomb is charged you will receive an extra bomb. Also on the right down of your screen the score of your game will be displayed, and on the left bottom of your screen your life will be displayed. Avoid getting hurt to avoid losing the game and score as many points as you can before the time runs out.

Play 3d shooting games and you will definitely become a pro at these games. Shoot 5 is a great way to fill your free time, and to improve your skills at these games. Play shooting games online for free and you will feel like a real assassin. Enjoy these amazing games only on this marvelous site anytime you want, and don’t forget to submit your score to see if you are the best at these games.