Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Sea Lab 2021


Are you still looking to play diving games? Well… as long as you are here now and I am about to show you a very cool game I suggest you stay and even try playing some rounds and you will surely fall in love with it immediately. It is Sea Lab 212 – a game that even its name sounds interesting and intriguing! How can you refuse yourself an occasion like this?! Having fun is very important, so let’s have it! Together! 

Maybe you were used to play diving games that are simple and where there usually was no story to back up the game and action and which can make it much more interesting. Games where the only thing you had to do was dive and dive… well… this time you will be playing a game that has a story to support what you need to do in the game. So, for starters you need to know that you are set in the future when living underwater is possible and all the community is depending on you to repair a broken cable or else everything will be lost.

On your quest to fulfill the object of the game you will have to overcome some obstacles and beware of some dangerous creatures and machines from underwater. These deep sea diving games can become so interesting and entertaining if you have a story to support what you are doing! Just play Sea Lab 2012 and see!

Alongside with all the entertainment this game is also fun considering the replies the diver says… replies that will surely make you laugh! When you play diving games, and especially Sea Lab 2012 you will be underwater armed with a gun and you will have to make your way towards the place where you have to fix the cable. With the help of that gun you can defend yourself from the sea creatures and all the enemies.

With the help of your keyboard you can move up and down, accelerate and brake and when you need to shoot just place yourself in front of the target and shoot using the space bar! And now that you know what to do, are you ready to play diving games?