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Sea Horse Under Water


It is time for some extraordinary 3d horse riding games! But not the kind of games you were thinking about! It is high time you moved from playing horse riding games on ground and start something new! What do you say about some underwater horse riding? Everybody can ride a real horse; it is a popular sport and a nice hobby to take up! But who can ride a sea horse?! Well… you can do it now! We offer you this chance only by playing Sea Horse Under Water! 

This game isn’t actually a sea horse riding game because it is not possible to ride a sea horse and there are a lot of fictional facts in this game! You can be the one to control a small sea horse in his journey of saving the oceans. See… this game also has a nice background story… and usually these kind of stories make the game much more interesting because you will have a specific target. So, this time you will have to save the oceans from the mutant fish that invaded the peace and quiet of the sea horses world.

So, as a consequence, the hero - a horse - has taken a gun and went hunting and defending. When playing these 3d horse riding games you will have to use a gun to kill all the enemies and this way advance from level to level. Use the arrow keys to ride the horse and make it move around the water and the mouse to shot the gun. Just aim towards the enemies and click!

When you play horse riding games like Sea Horse Under Water you are also given the opportunity to use several types of guns according to the enemies you are facing. So, if you want to change the gun or when you are out of ammo you can choose from the 4 types of weapons the one you want by pressing the 1 to 4 numbered keys.

Now all that you still have to do is live the story, become the character and fight all the mutant fish away! Save the kingdom of the sea horses and you will become the hero of these 3d horse riding games!