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Samurai Sam


When you say “samurai” you say breath-taking sword fight scenes, you say all sorts of martial arts demonstrations, you say amazing bow handling and horse riding skills and so much more. Still, when you say “Samurai Sam” you instantly say… super running and jumping skills. That’s right, this samurai’s relaying completely on his running skills, on his determination to reach extreme speeds while doing all that running and on you, his major ally who’s going to watch upon him, seeing that he won’t get himself hurt during this super-fast run through this dangers-filled, gloomy looking land in ancient Japan!

You’ll see that he surely means business once he starts running, for he will run, run like a madman till… the next precipice in between those land platforms there or until the next samurai rival that he’ll face! Do your best to minimize those risks, by pressing the one and only key on your keyboard, the up arrow key, and help him jump and thus avoid all those dangers hunting them at every step. Don’t think that if the game-play’s quite simple, compared to that of other fun free running games available online, you will have “the chance” to get bored! Your reaction times will need to pass a truly extreme test in order to be able to keep Samurai Sam running “smoothly” for at least a minute of two. It take just one single moment of inattention for him to jump from one platform into a… black hole or to watch him getting stabbed by one of those samurais who’ll do their best to stop his mad run. The better you get, the more chances you’ll have to gain those precious upgrades there, for they represent one of your main goals during this fast-paced adventure: they will help your buddy Sam jump higher in the air or even reduce his weight so that he should fall down slower and slower and.. I’ll leave to you the discovery of all the other upgrades’ “magic powers”.

Less talking and more… jumping and running! Enjoy one of those few free running games online who will make you wear down your up arrow key, for you won’t be able to stop clicking it for… at least a couple of hours on end!