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Rollerblade Street


Among the large variety of sport games that you can find on the internet lately, there are also a few rollerblade games online. Usually, skating happens on ice and there are a few types of winter competitions based on this sport. But since rollerblades are very similar to ice skates, why not make some rollerblade games too?

Rollerblade Street is one of these rollerblade games that we think you might like. It is a decent simple short game, with an easy game play and a cool theme. The context of the game is set in an urban environment, with lots of buildings on both sides of the road, and people that have come to see how good you can skate.

If you like car racing games, then you'll surely enjoy rollerblade games. The Rollerblade Street character is seen from behind and you can control him by pressing the arrow key, just like you would do if there was a car in front of you. As the game begins, the track is very simple to follow, but later on, the curves will appear more and more often. The controls work well, except for when you have to take a sudden left or right. At that point you might have the feeling that there's a bit of a lag to your movement demands, but you can easily adapt to it as you continue playing.

We hope you enjoyed Rollerblade Streed and we also recommend that you try the other rollerblade games that are available for you, along with other cool sport games.