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We have came from the future bearing a very special gift… we bring you the new Roboxer2. Roboxer2 is a free online boxing game that you have never played before! Are you ready for the future? Because this fight that you will hold is like taken from a sci fi movie! Are you looking to play boxing games online? If you do, this is the perfect place to do that! Have you ever been curious about the future? I am sure that you have…everybody is! Let us take you in a journey to another world…

Have you ever been curious about how boxing would be after there were no humans to play it? I think not… Roboxer2 will show you exactly that! And even more… this free online boxing game will even let you see for yourself, it will allow you to play and experiment!

Roboxer2 is a free online boxing game that you can play against a very good contestant – the computer! So, be careful how you throw your punches and how you consume your energy! This time you will be impersonating a robot that fights his way to the final battle in a boxing competition. And as you know, robots are powerful and strong but they also have their deficiencies… so try not to throw so many punches at your maximum speed because you will overheat and you will then need time to cool down for some seconds. This time is very precious as you will be very vulnerable at the opponents’ punches!

The rules of this free online boxing game are very simple! You need to fight your opponent until you knock him out in order to pass to the next round. Remember that this is a competition and as you pass the levels you will encounter stronger and stronger robots that you have to defeat. When playing Roboxer2 you need to know how to fight. Right? So, in order to punch your opponent use the ‘’Z’’ and ‘’X’’ keys from your keyboard and the ’’left’’ / ‘’right’’ buttons to dodge! If you need to duck or block press the ‘’up’’ and ‘’down’’ arrows! And this way you will be ready for a fair fight! Now, are you ready to try Roboxer2 free online boxing game? Press ‘’START’’ and let the fun begin!