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Roboxer 2


Who knows what your worst enemy is when you are practicing boxing and fighting? Well… if you haven’t tried these sports you may not know that if you get tired you won’t perform at your best and if you want to become the winner you have to know how to conserve your energy. These robots boxing games put accent exactly on this aspect of these sports! 

When you play these Practice boxing games you will be impersonated by a robot, and you will play also against another robot. What you need to be careful about is not to overheat, so, wait a little bit until you attack… and after you have overheated you will become vulnerable for the opponent. 

So, for starting a good fight you have to know the keys that are used for playing… When you want to throe punches you can do it by pressing ‘’Z’’ and ‘’X’’. And when needed to avoid and defend yourself just use the arrow keys at the right time and everything will be all right! These robots boxing games are exactly what an enthusiast virtual boxer needs… Now get to work!