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Robbers vs Cops


Now is your chance to be the good guy and play the roll of a police officer that chases the robbers in the latest police car. Your main goal is not to crash in the other cars on the road and to cache up with the robber that has a considerable lead.

You may think that this cops driving game is nothing special, that it is an ordinery driving game with a special name, but this is so wrong. The biggest difference is that once you get just behind the bad guys you must not crash into them, you must shoot their car until it explodes, but don't miss more than 5 time or you will have to restart. This modification in the game play makes this cops driving game unique on the internet and it really stand out.

Although the game play has changed the graphics have the same high standard and the sounds are some of the best you will find on any driving game. In order to control the car you must use the the arrow keys and in order to shoot the robber you must press the space bar. This easy controls makes out of this cops game one of the best driving game.