Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Punch Mania


Quench your punch thirst and join our super fun adventure on the boxing ring. First, select your opponent from the three types of body you want to battle with on the boxing ring. You can go for an easy target with a little fat-on, choose the toned girl or if you're up for it, choose the professional muscular boxer that will really be a challenge! You can picture yourself punching down some real person, so choose the one that best fits your image. Then, add a picture from your computer, to spice up the extra fun and then join that person on the battle field. You can upload any picture you want, with a friend or foe, to get some laughing kicks out of this punching rounds, or to even get your bad energy out of your system. You will soon discover punch mania games are so much fun and super interesting, especially if you add up the photo factor for a more in-touch with reality action.

Like all punch mania games, the rules are pretty simple: aim and punch! Almost anything is allowed and knowing how to control your fists is crucial. Keep your eyes on the stamina and life bars and make sure you guard your face to minimize the damage.

If you're looking for some more relaxing fun, you can take a fishing trip that won't raise your adrenaline half this much. But if you're looking for an awesome hyper challenge, this punch mania game is the one for you. Get your energy booster and start punching your opponent like you really want to win! Prove you can do a K.O. in record time and establish yourself to be a fearless professional boxer.