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Pheasant Hunting Game


It feels good to be with the gun in your hand, looking for the pray… Not many people feel good taking up hunting as a hobby but when it is done online, not hurting real animals and real birds it gets much more interesting! These pheasant hunting games online are exactly whet you need if you feel the need to shoot some birds! 

Just imagine yourself in the middle of the cropland with the gun in your hand waiting for the perfect time to aim and shoot… You will have the chance to do this by playing these pheasant hunting games online! One of these games is Pheasant Hunting! Here you have to use your mouse to aim towards the target and the left click to shoot. The more birds you hit the higher your final score you will have! 

Some free hunting games online are exactly what you need to keep your hands busy while you maintain your brain concentrated. When it comes to pheasant hunting games online these are the perfect ones to also improve your hand-eye coordination.