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old muscle


If you are feeling weak and need something to boost your self esteem we have some weightlifting games that will do that for you starting from the first level. Old Muscle is a very interesting game that puts to test your speed and agility because in order to make the character lift his weights you have to make your own.

After you have finished playing these weightlifting games you will see that you can better use the muscles of your index finger with which you are clicking the mouse. This is because what you will have to do in order to win is click on the marked spot as quick as you can to gain power. If, when you play weightlifting games online like Old Muscle, you stop clicking your strength will decrease and you won’t be able to lift the weights.

You will see that even if you take these weightlifting games to be only for boys, girls can also have lots of fun playing as they are so challenging and self developing!