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Monkey Cliff Diving


We have a special game for you! It is Monkey Cliff Diving and it is considered to be the funniest game in its domain! This monkey diving game has everything that you need… it is challenging, short and most important – funny! Because if a game isn’t funny you will get bored is seconds even if it has the perfect graphic and it is the most challenging of all…

This monkey diving game is simple and can be played by everyone, the only condition is to be in the mood for something like this. Considered a little bit violent and I think that it is not very appropriate for small children it also has its good parts when it comes in the hand of small children because these free cliff diving games as they can learn the value of a life… any life… because Monkey Cliff Diving is a game where you have to save some monkey by making them jump in the water at the right time. 

You can do that by left clicking on the monkey using the mouse to make it jump into the water. If the wave id beneath it you will save its life, but if you click too early of too late you might it smash against the rocks… Some monkey diving game like this one is always welcomed if you are in the mood for saving some lives even if it is just virtually!

When you play this very entertaining monkey diving game you will play on levels and each time you will have a certain number of monkeys to save and a limited number of monkey that are allowed to hit the cliffs. If you manage to do it right you pass to the next, harder level!

But what is most important and needs to be kept in mind at this monkey diving game is to be careful about what monkey is on the cliff as you have three different monkeys, each and every one of them with its personal problems and glitches. So, remember which is which and everything will be just fine!