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Medieval Golf


Now I have a game like you have never seen before! Who had heard about a game that combines soo good like Medieval Golf two of the most precise sports – archery and golf! If you want to play free archery games 2012 that will first challenge you than Medieval Golf is the one for you!

The rules are very simple and if you had played golf before than it means you already know them… the only difference would be that instead of a golf club you will shoot your bow and arrows! Aren’t these archery games 2012 interesting?

You will use the mouse to shoot the arrows and it will be extremely simple! Just click the left mouse button and while you keep it pressed move the archer in the position you thing it’s good. Release the button for shooting! When you play free archery games 2012 like Medieval Golf the aim is like in golf – to manage to put the arrow in the hole in as few shots as you can! Enjoy!