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Legend Table Tennis


At these table tennis games online you will have to select a player from a country and to try to defeat all your opponents. You will play these table tennis games online using only your mouse. Drag your mouse side to side over the screen to move your player and try to hit the ball. Put some curves on the balls to put your opponents in a difficult position. The player who will reach first at 21 points will win the game.

On the 20th century, 5 nations were significantly dominating the table tennis: France, Sweden, Korea, Japan and China. Their competencies at this sport were by far over those for the other countries, that could hardly pretend to even entreating them. Over the years, the world championships remain therefore desperately restricted to a competition between the same 5 master teams.

One day, at the end of the century, a mysterious young man entered the world of the table tennis, surprising everyone by his incredible and unrivaled performances. His objective was to put an end to the endless domination of the 5 masters. He did challenge each of their team, one after the other, and within a few days beat every of their elite players. This was a triumph!

However, immediately after that, the young man did vanish without a word, letting behind him a lot of unanswered questions, starting with his name, still unknown today. But this event remains in memory forever.

With this amazing type of table tennis games online you can prove us that that amazing player was your father and you are his son by beating again all of the 5 masters. Practice some rounds and you will definitely win all the levels against all your opponents.

Legend Table Tennis is the best type of online ping pong games that exists on this marvelous site. At these table tennis games online you can improve your skills only by practicing some rounds. So what are you waiting for? Take your mouse and win the competition.