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Laser Blast


It is time to show you a new shooting games like you haven't sen before. Laser Blast is a futuristic shooting game and can give you a quick look in to the future were you will have to save the world hooting alien robots with your laser gun.

The game is not hard to play at the beginning but after you finish a few level the room heats up and the aliens are harder and harder to destroy. One of the main features of this shooting game are the upgrades that can help you a lot. You can upgrade your gun, bigger is better, also you can upgrade your speed so you can move faster so you can avoid the incoming missals, and last but not least you can upgrade the cool down time for your weapon so you can fire faster and faster this is the best upgrade at the beginning of the game.

Laser Blast is a shooting game of the future but this doesn't mean that is hard just the opposite anyone can play it without any problem.