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Karate Arcade


Are you in the mood for some action? If you are seeking some adventure and don’t know what to do to get out of the state of boredom you are in, the only choice would be to play some karate games online! If you are a fan of the great Bruce Lee Karate Arcade is the perfect game for you because the main character in Bruce Lee in person… you will have the unique chance to control and help him defeat the bad samurais.

Karate Arcade is not from the pack of karate games for kids… you will see that it is quite violent and it is not suggested that small kids play it often. Also the manner of playing is rather hard because you will have to use several keys to make the character fight. But this is not a bad thing…it makes the game extremely challenging.

You will see that, like playing fighting and karate games online, you will have to use the keyboard and some keys. In order to control the character and move it around you can use the arrows and whenever the bad samurai comes you will have to fight. You can perform well if you use the ‘’W’’, ‘’A’’, ‘’S’’ and ‘’D’’ keys accordingly. You have to be very careful because the only weapon you have is your own skill! So, use it wisely!

The aim of Karate Arcade, like any other karate games online, is to win each fight that comes in your way to get to the finish. You will have to watch the health bar from the bottom of the screen to see in what condition you are. Use your legs and arms to hit the opponent, each hit will bring you points and health and will decrease the other’s’ strength. 

What do you thing about this? Are you ready to try and see if you can be as good as Bruce Lee? You now have the opportunity to play a fun and active game of karate where you will even learn some new moves! So, what are you waiting for? Press the ‘’Start’’ button and play one of the best karate games online.