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In this type of skating games for girls your goal is to pick up as many presents as you can. It’s very cold on the skating ring, so to keep you warm, you must pick up hot chocolate mugs as they appear. But you must be real quick, because the mugs are so hot that they will soon melt through the ice and will leave a hole behind. In this kind of skating games for girls it’s a good idea to avoid the holes, or you may fall in. If your COLD-O-METER drops to zero, it will be too cold to skate and you will lose one round. Don’t worry; you have five rounds before the game is over.

In this type of skating games for girls if you hit the wall, you will fall down. But all that you lose is a little time. To skate, you will have to use your arrow keys, and press the up arrow to accelerate. The longer you press the up key , the faster you will go. To turn right press the right arrow key, to turn left press the left arrow key. Note that in this kind of skating games for girls you will need to have some forward momentum in order to turn. To break, press the down key. You can quit by pressing Command + Q (Mac) or Control + Q (PC) at any time, but you won’t want to do that! Now, strap on those blades and get out there to practice some skating on the ice. You will see that after a few rounds, you will skate better and you will feel like in real life on the ice. You may practice this game anytime you want, and also you can watch carefully to see how to turn left or right and don’t fall of your skates.

As you notice already this kind of skating games for girls provides you the skating lesson for free. Try another type of funny games, the skating games. Enjoy spending your time playing all these games.