Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Hot Chase


The very hot car game is only but a test for you that you need to complete in order to proclaim victory and supremacy over all other competitors. Crash all the other cars to get rid of anyone trying to challenge your title and make sure you collect life bonuses to repair your faulty car as you drive by.Hot racing games online are that much more fun if you share them with your friends, so invite them all to join the action!

The hot chase is on! Can you handle it? Prove your professional driver skills and let your passion for adrenaline rise up above all competitors just like playing some trailer racing games . Be careful though, since you can only crash you car so many times until your stamina weakens so much you will loose the race. So bump into other cars with style and strategic thinking, ensuring a quick damage to the others' vehicle. Clear you way to the finish line and proclaim success among all other hot chasers.