Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Hot Blood Boxing


The game that we will present to you today is being called Hot Blood Boxing and it is a very special one. These Hot boxing games are different from the ones you got used to – the ones where you play against the computer… This time you have the chance to play against your friends because it is a 2 player boxing game! 

And because these boxing games free have the option to be played in two each player has its own keys in his part of the keyboard. So, player one can use ‘’W’’, ‘’A’’, ‘’S’’ and ‘’D’’ to move around, ‘’B’’, ‘’N’’, ‘’M’’ to attack and space bar to defend. The second player can use the arrow keys and 1, 2, 3 and 0 for the same moves.

Now all that it remains for you to do is invite all your friends over and start the competition! Let’s see who is better at these Hot boxing games! I bet you will be the ultimate winner! Do your best to become the champion!