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When it comes to funny games…well… many 2 player fighting games are considered funny because of their dose of irony or violence. This one, named Hobo, is considered to be very funny, but at all educative! It is considered to be form the category of violent fighting games, but if you are over 18 you will surely have lots of fun and laughs playing this cool game!

Hobo is a very active game where you have to use a lot of controls to perform a lot of actions. When you play 2 player fighting games like Hobo you have to fight the people on the street for no reason… you are a homeless man who likes to pick on innocent people and fight the cops!

You will see that even if you have to use the arrow keys to move the character and, for starters, ‘’A’’ and ‘’S’’ for fighting moves you will find these 2 player fighting games to be extremely fun! And when you finish each level you will discover new ways to annoy the cops! I am sure that these are enough for you to enjoy your time playing…