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Hobo 4 Total War


The hobo you probably have met in other games has reached a war zone! But he is the same rude and uneducated person! These superhero fighting games will make of him a good person, depending on the angle you look at the whole thing… So, get ready to take part in another series of adventures where you will fight, laugh and fight some more! 

I am sure that if these superhero fighting games you play are funnier than the whole game starts to seam brighter and much catchier! These famous fighting games are also very easy to play and will certainly give you a little bit of addiction… This interesting game is also complex enough for you not to get bored while playing. So, use the arrow keys to move around the war zone and the ‘’A’’ and ‘’S’’ to fight in the hobo’s unique way! 

You can also pick up guns and objects from the ground and use them as well as you can… I bet that you will have a mouthful of laughs and you will be very surprised to see in how many ways these superhero fighting games ca surprise you!