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High Dive


Oh my God! It is here! You found it! The funniest and most entertaining bass fishing game that you have ever seen is here! It is called High Dive and you will be impressed by all its’ color and funny replies. High Dive is a cartoon-like bass fishing game that alongside with the nice characters it has a very good graphic and a lot of imagination invested in its making. If you were looking for interesting and entertaining bass fishing games, please… don’t look any further… you will be very sorry if you don’t try High Dive!

This colorful bass fishing game also has a very unique story to tell and the characters are completely something else. I bet you have never played a free diving game where the sole purpose of your free fall is to help a quick-shotle of fruits serve their purpose in becoming juice. The aim of High Dive bass fishing game is to catch as many bubbles as you can to accumulate a higher final score. And in the end to hit the landing target. Each bubble that you catch brings you 2 points and landing in the right place also brings you extra points and the opportunity to pass to a harder, higher level.

High Dive is a bass fishing game that you can play with the help of your mouse. Just move the mouse to set the direction of the fruits. While falling you will see some circles coming towards you, by clicking the left mouse button you have to change the position of these naughty fruits to match the drawing inside the circle. This will bring you extra points!

Are you convinced yet? If not I suggest you should try and play a round of High Dive and you will automatically fall in love with those fruits! There is no chance that this bass fishing game won’t bring the smile on your face when playing and you won’t resist not playing another round…