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Gus Vs Bus


This game will show everybody what happens when you spend too much time in the morning eating and preparing for school. But most important what happens if you miss the school bus by sleeping overtime! In these school running games you have to prepare yourself for some running after the school bus!

These school running games are very entertaining games which will keep you stuck to your computer all day long… until you manage to catch the bus. Also the way you play these fast walking games is easy because you only need to use two keys: the ‘’right’’ and ‘’left’’ arrow keys, each one for a leg. So, in order to run you have to alternate pressing them for gaining speed!

What you actually have to do is win the race against the bus because in the end there will be only one winner! And that winner needs to be you! Now, these school running games will teach you an important lesson and put your running skills to try. Don’t miss playing them!