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Gun Master Jungle Madness


I am sure that you like action movies and you would like to take part in such action; the only opportunity for you to experience that kind of action is by playing some street fighting games! It is not quite the same thing, but is surely gets you quite closer to the real thing… The game we want to present to you today is being called Gun Master Jungle Madness and from the beginning you will see that it is one of the most complex street fighting games that you have ever tried.

Gun Master Jungle Madness is quite hard when it comes to the manner of playing, and sometimes you will even find it confusing because of the large number of keys used in the process. So, the best way for you to perform well is for us to explain what you will have to do…

Not like other street fighting games, when playing Gun Master Jungle Madness you will not use the mouse and arrows, which is a little bit odd until you get used to the controls. So, in order to move just press ‘’A’’ and ‘’D’’ and ‘’W’’ / ‘’S’’ for climbing. As this is a fighting game, you can also throw grenades and mines using ‘’E’’ and ‘’R’’ buttons. Also by using the numbered keys 1 to 3 you can change the firing modes used to fight enemies!

The aim of Gun Master Jungle Madness is to stay alive as long as you can by avoiding the enemies attacks. You can also improve your game by collecting crates which will afterwards give you extra ammo and health. How does it sound for you? You will see that in no tome you will get used to playing suck an active game and become one of the best fighters! You will surely start to download shooting games!

Playing Gun Master Jungle Madness you will have an opportunity to develop your online fighting skills, you will discover the complexity of such a game and no matter if you are convinced fans of action games you will surely start playing other street fighting games in the future!