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Gravitee Wars


It’s time you try something new… I have here some space fighting games that will make you in a more challenging person! If you are looking to spend your time in an entertaining way I suggest you start playing Gravitee Wars right away!

You will actually fight against another team. You will represent a whole team and you will play on some strange, alien planets! Your team will be on a planet and the opponents will be on another one. Using your mouse you have to send projectiles towards the enemies and destroy them. The last who manages to stay alive is considered the winner of these playstation fighting games!

What do you say? Shall we learn how to play these space fighting games? This game has to be played using the mouse and also the keyboard. If you want to move around you can use the arrow keys and if you want to see the whole thing from another angle press the ‘’W’’, ‘’A’’, ‘’S’’ and ‘’D’’ buttons. The mouse is being used only to attack. You will send the projectiles towards their planet and its gravity will attract them. You will take out part of the planet until there is nothing left! Have fun!