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Golden Dragon Quest


If you like adventure and fighting games you are going to really enjoy Golden Dragon Quest. Your journey begins after the evil Rinkirikaki destroyed your village and stole the Golden Dragon statue.

You need to revenge your people and stop Rinkirikaki once and for all. The road ahead is dangerous, enemy ninjas lurk at every corner trying to stop you. In the final stage you will have to confront the evil mastermind himself in order to retrieve the Golden Dragon Statue. Using your sword and shurikens you will defeat the evil that ruined your peaceful life and killed so many of your friends. The power of good is with you!

The Evil Ninjas are the loyal subjects of Rinkirikaki, brainwashed by the evil lord they do his bidding with no hesitation. You can categorise them by their color: white yellow and blue. They will do anything to stop you from stopping there master.

Fast reactions and a clear mind are necessary in order to complete the Golden Dragon Quest. The game is bound to test your skills to the maximum if you wish to become the ultimate ninja warrior and save the day. You must not give up until the evil is destroyed!