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Golden Arrow 2


Golden Arrow 2 is one of the most interactive online archery games that can be played by people of all ages. Golden Arrow 2 can be played both as a competition, battling with other contestants for the ultimate prize – winning – and also as a tournament. If you are looking for fun and interesting ways to spend your free time, if you are a fan of hitting the bulls’ eye, you have to choose one of our 3D archery games. They are fun games for every taste.

It is very good that before you start one of the two types of competition you practice a little bit so you can be in you best form. This online archery game gives you the opportunity to play in the practice mode as long as you want. Until you feel confident enough to start a real competition.

At first look, the first thing that strikes you at Golden Arrow 2 is the good graphic of the game. Which is a thing to admire… the characters are well defined and the soundtrack is calming, setting you in a relaxing mood very good for concentrating on your target.

Golden Arrow can be played easily by using only the mouse and its movements. You only have to aim and shoot the bulls’ eye by setting the target as close as you can by its centre and then left click to release the arrow towards the target. The aim of the game is to make as many points as you can by hitting as close to the center of the target as it is possible. This online archery game will make you play it for hours; overcoming and beating your own high scores again and again.

If you are a fan of contests and especially of competitive online archery games I believe that you found the perfect game for you. You chose the best variant from all online archery games. So, have fun playing and hitting that bulls’ eye!