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Gohans Adventure 2


When you are feeling bored the best way to get out quick from that state is play the games that make you feel better! Sometimes, and for some of you, those games are multiplayer fighting games! Well… Gohans Adventure 2 is for those of you who love a good adventure game!

Also this game gives you the opportunity to interact with other players and see what you are made of. These 3d fighting games are quite complex and you gave to keep in mind the keys used when playing. And most important the combination of buttons used to perform special moves. For example, when playing these multiplayer fighting games you have to use the arrow keys to move around and the ‘’Z’’, ‘’X’’, ‘’C’’ to throw kick and punches

When the power bar is full you can use the combination of ‘’C’’ and ‘’Z’’ to throw a super punch and ‘’C’’ plus the up key to jump very high. These are very important moves when playing multiplayer fighting games because they can really help you win easier. So, what about you try and see how good you are with your fighting skills and vigilance!