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Gibbets 3


Wow! I just found one of the funniest archery games online 2012! Usually archery games are games that offer the player a short glimpse into the past, they are games of courage and honor! But what would you say if I told you that I just found a game called Gibbets 3 which is quite different from the usual?!

At the first look, the thing that strikes you at Gibbets 3 is its bright colors! It really inspires fun and happiness… And this is entirely true! This is just perfect if you want to play free archery games 2012 which are different from what you got used to! The rules are simple and you will have lots of laughs playing!

So, first you need to use your mouse to arm your bow and by releasing it the arrow will fly towards the hanged person. The aim of these archery games online 2012 is to save the hanged one by cutting with your arrow the rope. Be careful not to hit the person as it will die and you will loose!