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Gates Vs Jobs The Game


The game that you will play in some moments is a game like you have never played and not even imagined! What do you say about a competition between the world’s most famous computer scientists? Can you imagine Bill Gates and Steve Jobs fighting for supremacy? Well… you can see them fight if you play these fighting games for pc! You can even participate!

After you have decided which character to choose you can start the game… But not until you learn the fighting tactics and techniques… While you are only ears at their funny conversation you can use the arrow keys to walk back and forth and the mouse to attack your opponent. These famous fighting games will surely make even the most grim man smile!

The competition between the two characters expands far beyond their working domain and it became the subject of different funny activities like these fighting games for pc! It is funny to see the two fight, to choose a side and see if you can make him win!