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Funky Racers


There are a lot of street racing games online and coming up with something new is pretty hard, Funky Racers is a little different just enough to make you play for some time. Keep in mind that this game is not for beginners it is a hard driving game and it can stress you out if you don't know your way around a racing track.

Funky Racers has 6 cars that you can choose from before you start to play, all of this cars are supercars that have a lot of power, but everyone is a little different. Don't pick your car based on the looks, this is not what will help you win races, you must take your time and anallise what car you want based on the performance, some cars will have better handling and some will have more power, you must find the best ratio, this is the key of the game.

When you are racing you should know that going of the road is the last thing you want, it will slow you a lot, but if you keep your car on the tarmac you will have a good chance of winning.